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This is by no means a fabulous picture, but it’s the most recent one I have of my sister Stacey & me and it makes me happy every time I see it. 

My little sister is a mom to 2 boys of her own, and since an accident in the family a couple of years ago, she now helps care for her two nephews and baby niece almost daily, as well.  Stacey has more patience with kids than anyone I’ve ever seen, and she never seems to ask for much time for herself.  She and her husband are endlessly supportive of their loved ones in every conceivable way. 

I’ll admit that I’ve tried to “fix” things in her life to make things less hectic, less taxing, less mentally draining – yet at the end of every conversation we have on these subjects, I find myself persuaded to her point of view.  I see where she’s coming from, how and why she’s able to give of herself for the greater good time and time again and I’m so inspired!  I want to be just as giving, loving and generous as my little sister when I grow up!  J


Julia Williams

(Age 40)