Linda is the photographer that other photographers hire for their weddings... like mine! The photographs she created went far above just documenting an event. They tell the story of our love and the feelings we had that special day. Aside from having the eye of a poet, Linda’s personality is infectious and a joy to be around.
— - Brian McCarty, Art-Toy Photographer
I needed images that would say, “This is gonna be fun! Come on!” and nobody makes that happen like Linda.
— Stefan Bucher, 344 Design & Creator of the Daily Monster
All you need to know about Linda is that she has a unique talent for really connecting with the people she photographs, and that connection shows in every photo she takes.

My husband (then fiancee) and I were not keen on taking engagement photos, but once we hired Linda and we saw the results, I was overjoyed that we did the shoot. The pics aren’t typical engagement shots; they really captured authentic moments between us that didn’t feel staged. Linda did a great job of directing us through the shoot, making us laugh, and feel comfortable with what we were doing.

I can’t say enough wonderful things about her amazing abilities as a photographer and I can’t wait to hire her to do a shoot for my 1 yr old.
— Karen Migliaccio
Linda has photographed me for three events, my engagement, wedding, and a mother-daughter shoot with my mom before Mother’s Day ... Linda is an artist, and her photos tend to be spontaneous and pensive and surprisingly frank, rather than the studio or posed variety.

She is discreet and sensitive and tries to get to know her subjects, and her photos reflect the subjects’ moods and personalities. There are some shots she has done for us that I will always treasure.
— Laura Loh
I was amazed at how comfortable Linda made me feel during the boudoir shoot— not just comfortable but confident!! She was encouraging and gentle in a way that made me feel like I was beautiful and sexy, and she was skilled in a way that brought that out...The photos bring out my very best and feel very authentic to who I am. I love them!

She did an amazing job with our wedding as well... she was an important part of the day— a calming force.
— Becca Spence Dobias