On Desert Festivals.

On Desert Festivals.

Reading my journal from the only desert festival I've ever been to makes me kinda want to go to another one. Maybe. Sort of? 

1) people at desert festivals can eye gaze the shit out of you. If this was a contest, a statue would lose. My eye gazing partner is probably still staring lovingly at the place where I was sitting two days ago.

2) in the desert, if you're a musician who's wearing women's clothes with like, bits of mango stuck to your blouse*, women will lock their eyes and loins right onto you and stumble straight into a cactus. Ok fine, It was me. 

*Note: this look may have an entirely negative response anywhere else.

3) If a stranger wants to rub rose petals on your face let him, and ask for two at a time on each side of your cheeks so you can imagine birds fluttering in front of your face. This experience will be insanely delightful. And when he eventually stops, desperately scream "you stay, bird!!!" and step very firmly on his foot. Tell him this is a tantra move and don't let him talk.

4) I am SO thirsty.