the best of Halloween

Maybe it's because I'm already around all manner of lifestyles and characters during the year that Halloween's slowly become the one day I've decided to just sort of, you know, rest.  I'm making a cozy dinner for my boyfriend ( potato leek soup and pork chops) and we'll be watching Young Frankenstein. He told me he's never seen it, I gave him my shocked face and screamed the word "iconic" in slow motion, and here we are: nesting in our sweats, stirring soup. 

I don't even have candy to hand out tonight if anyone knocks on our door. But I do have some expired film rolls and 4 packets of basil seeds. What kid wouldn't love that? 

It wasn't always this way. I used to be the queen of Halloween celebration. Smoke machines. Haunted mazes. Danny Elfman on repeat. The works. Here, I found some of my favorite photos I've taken from Halloweens past to share with you. You look at these while I answer the door. 

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