You support each other. You help each other up when you're down.

You can say the silliest things and they won't roll their eyes at you.

You can say "I wish I could fly" and they'll remind you that you can.


Sometimes you'll mess up but that's ok. "I'm sorry" are pretty powerful words.

"do you want the last bite of my grandma's cinnamon bundt cake? " are also very powerful words.


Sometimes you need space. we all do.

Go meditate in the tub and try that new organic conditioner.

Take a solo trip to somewhere mountain/desert/ocean-ish. Volunteer.

Take care of yourself.

No one needs a martyr with dry bangs. Go on.


Genuine love happens between two people who are already complete. Being complete is very

different from being perfect. It doesn't matter, for example, if one of you is very hairy.

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