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lyft conversations

linda abbottComment
lyft conversations

Stanislav my lyft dude: are you a photographer?

Me: yup.

Him: would you ever go back to an office? 

Me: no. It just isn’t right for me.

Him: did you know that the guy who invented the Vine app just shut it down one day and moved to africa to help animals?

Me: did you know the guy that invented karaoke never made a penny and gave that idea away so millions of people could sing in a bar?

Him: wow. did you know trump is meeting with the north korean leader?

Me: no. oh no. I need a bomb shelter 

Stanislav: Did you know that if you owned a house in switzerland its illegal to not have a bomb shelter to go with it?

Me: no! did you know that there was a real maria from the sound of music and she never loved the real captain von trapp?

Him: i didnt know that.


Me: you know when trump was elected i felt like i had to see the world suddenly. I wanted to see the planet before he destroyed it.

Him: that bad, huh.

Me: i just felt like i was looking at screens all the time but nothing real. And i want to actually feel what its like.

Him: what stops you? From seeing the planet?

Me: i think the train part. I always get lost on trains.

Him: ok did you know they have ubers in europe now. You dont have to take the train ok? Just go.

Me: ok. Yes. I will.

Did you know there are tons of pennies back here?

Him: bennies?

Me: pennies.

Him: oh. yes.