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The chocolate shortage of 2018.

linda abbottComment
The chocolate shortage of 2018.

Listen. Listen. There’s a chocolate shortage here.

I can eat one special thing that is really delicious. its called a honey mama.

They’re a raw chocolate bar. And if you ever loved me you would find the two i can eat: the lavendar rose and the peppermint flavor. and then after you found them you would simply bring them all to me.

All of them. To me.

If youre my client and we have a shoot coming please also know im talking to you.

This is how i take the pretty photos. But I cant take the photos without the chocolate. I mean it just makes sense right?

If we’re dating and you just brought me some last week, those are all gone now. No, i dont know what happened. I just know back then was chocolate time and now is dead inside.

If you live with me and i havent seen you since this morning, maybe you should sit down because i have bad news, chocolate-wise.

Do you understand? They’re gone.
No more.