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mira and andy: the wedding bruncheon

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Andy initially didn't put too much thought into what kind of photography he wanted for the wedding. Something easy, maybe a friend with a camera would be just fine. Someone who definitely didn't make him smile at the camera or get into cheesy photos because he just knew it was going to be drudgery.  No photographer in fact would be best. Maybe Andy could just take the photos himself with his iPhone while he was also getting married? 

Mira and her parents though, they knew they  wanted all of their family's eccentricities and tender moments documented in a way that made them feel - their story, from start to finish, included the support and love of their families so choosing someone perfect to document them was vital. When Mira showed her mom my website, her mom cried.  And her dad, a cinematographer, who had a pretty high standard for who photographed his daughter's wedding, agreed.

So this is how I got to meet some of the most expressive loving people ever. 

Mira wore her grandma's dress. Andy played with ducks. We cried. We laughed. Andy's sister photo bombed us. And then, Andy and Mira got married. 

After Andy saw the photos he emailed me to say this, which is one of my favorite thank you letters:

"Linda, I just wanted to to extend a heart-felt thank you .. Mira and I looked through the photos SO MANY times already!!! SO MANY TIMES! And we simply love them. Everybody we show loves them! We showed a waitress at dinner last night!! " - Andy



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